Pockets of Learning and My Growing Season have provided handcrafted, timeless gifts for over 30 years and 15 years respectively. These heirloom-quality quiet books, soft toys, finger puppets, advent calendars, and wall hangings are designed to not only entertain your child, but also to enhance motor skills, build imaginations, and stimulate cognitive learning.

Instead of relying on electronics like a cellphone, tablet, or television, take along engaging, interactive products that will not only entertain, but educate! Zipper enclosures and handles on many products make quiet time easy while on-the-go.  A great option for travel, church, appointments, or home learning.

We take pride in our handcrafted early education products and love hearing from customers around the globe who have enjoyed these interactive and unique toddler and preschool products through the years. 

We are a family owned company and we invite you to join our circle of friends who have built memories with their children and grandchildren by interacting with Pockets of Learning and My Growing Season products.  We are a hands-on company that listens to and welcomes your feedback. 

Now take a look around and find out why thousands of children have fallen in love with our unique and engaging collection.  Feel free to send us an email or call with any questions!