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My ABC Animal Train
Haleemur Ali

My ABC Animal Train

Replacement of item in Lullaby book

The service has been wonderful! I love the book we have and will be ordering more in the future for the grand babies!!!

I can’t believe they replaced the little bear!

I bought the book years ago and the battery ran out of the poor little bear. I tried to replace the batteries myself but the connection was a little rusty. I looked up the website to try to buy a replacement and found that they replace for free. What a concept! I will buy more of these in the future if I ever have grandkids!

Love this product! Thank you for your quick and very helpful response to my order.

Great gift for grandkids

My granddaughter love the playset. She sings the old McDonald song as she play with the playset.

Love to get the other playset as well. When do you restock the other playset in the series like the three little pig, Jack in the beanstalk....

Wonderful customer assistance!

I e mailed pockets of learning to request missing pieces. I re received a very quick and caring response as I was under a time limit before traveling to bring to my grandchildren who moved abroad. I was extremely pleased with your service! Thank you !

Goldilock and the 3 besrs

I brought the playset for my 2 years old granddaughter. She loved it. It's Very creative and good quality.
I would give it a 5 stars if it comes with the story book.

I ordered a few more sticky St Pattys day foam shamrocks , etc from Amazon. I added these to the calendar. Looks great! I liked the product. I had it up for the first 17 days of March. 😀. Fun!

Thank you! Lovely!

Right at Home Quiet Book
Jenifer Paterson

Fabulous books- just amazing!!!

Lullaby and Goodnight
Muriel Simpson
Lullaby and Goodnight

Have purchased this product several times for gifts since my daughter fell in love with it as a child 30 + years ago. Great product and great service in order and delivery! Thank you.


Thank you!


The All About Today Kids Interactive Cloth Calendar is a magical experience for my children! They get really excited to share in the joy of each morning as they help put up the date and notice the weather outside :) ~ Thank you!

Press 'N Dress Doll & Outfits

Three Freebies is Great

I needed to replace three pieces from two different Pockets of Learning and was delighted to find out that the first three missing pieces are replaced for free! Shipment was fast and I received the correct items. Of course, I then immediately found one of the missing pieces, but isn't that how it always goes?

Great service, timely delivery and a full set again!

Our advent calendar and alphabet book are a full set once more! Thank you for having replacement pieces available, they arrived quickly and look just like the originals. Excellent service!

Very Helpful!

I was impressed with the individual help I received. T

Every home has an animal.

It's great to be able to replace the animals for our book. We lost 3 of them in the first 2 weeks but thanks to replacements, every home has an animal.

I can't believe it!

I have had the same advent calendar since I was born in 1991. I now have my own son and have started doing our advent calendar with him at Christmas time. I noticed there was a couple pieces missing and never thought to look at the tag on it. I noticed someone else had the same calendar recently and saw the tag and decided to go home and look up the website (totally thinking it would lead no where). I was PLEASANTLY surprised that I found this website with the option to replace these missing pieces! Other than the missing pieces, only one other piece has some minor damage after all of these years - these products are made to last! I will definitely be buying more for my children and other family and friends in the near and far future!

Replacement pieces

Quick and easy replacement! So happy to have received free replacement pieces for our treasured Advent calendar.

My grown daughter now has one for her family!

My children grew up with this advent calendar. It is beautiful in every detail and made for a wonderful family tradition for my children to take turns decorating the tree. Now my newly married daughter has one for her own family!

Replaces Missing Pieces

I have had an Advent calendar for over 20years but looks like new because it is so well made. It was first used with my daughter and now I'm using it with my grand daughter. Unfortunately, 3 of the pieces recently came up missing. I started searching for replacement options but most I found were not the quality I was used to with mine. I then found Pockets of Learning website & saw they were just like the ones I have!! So I looked on the back of the Advent Calendar & to my surprise, I saw the Pockets of Learning tag! I was not only able to replace the 3 missing pieces, they were sent Free. It was the best surprise that I have had in a very long time. Thank you so much!! My Advent calendar is complete again and ready for many many more years of use. Thank you!

Replacement pieces for Advent calendar

First of all, I was surprised that missing pieces were available and shocked that 3 pieces were free and with free shipping too! I don’t have grandchildren yet but because of this experience I bought 2 Prayer Books to show my appreciation. I hope they bring back the Santa’s Workshop Advent Calendar from 1991 since I have two grown children and they both want mine when they have children. Fingers crossed. :-)

Replacement Pieces

We lost two pieces, and it was quick and easy to get our replacements, with just the description of who went missing. My kids have loved this advent calendar for years. Thank you!