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DIY Super Soaker Sponge Balls for a Summer Water Fight

by Michele Sly 30 Jun 2023
Try this perfect family activity to stay cool this summer!
This is a crowd favorite spin-off of a traditional water fight or water balloons.
  • These don’t hurt
  • There’s no garbage to pick up off the grass
  • Use significantly less water while still getting soaked
  • No tricky logistics for little hands to figure out 
  • Totally reusable
  • Eco-friendly 
You will need the most basic of sponges (cellulose sponges), a pair of scissors, and some rubber bands or string. 
1) First, cut the sponges lengthwise into strips of 3. 
The number of strips you use in a ball will determine how full the ball is. We have made balls with anywhere from 9 strips to 4 strips. It’s entirely based on personal preference; the whole thing is very forgiving. 
2) Next, use a rubber band to secure the sponge strips together around the center. If using string, be sure to securely tie the center. 
We have used both traditional rubber bands and clear hair ties. Both work great, traditional rubber bands just offer extra flexibility when handling.  
That’s it! Repeat for as many balls as you would like! 
Throw the sponge balls into a bucket of water and let the epic water fights begin! 
Squeeze out the extra water and let the sponges dry out. Store them in a bucket or bag.
We did this for an activity at my son’s 4th birthday party and all the dads ended up joining in as well. It really is fun for all ages! 
This would be a perfect neighborhood activity. Gather everyone in a backyard or at the park and have a giant water fight! Or take it to your next family reunion!
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