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Perfect Halloween Activity Ideas for Young Kids and Families

by Michele Sly 25 Oct 2023

Wondering how to create fun and exciting Halloween activities for your family? 

We have you covered.

Sometimes the key to handling it all as the mama and papa is simplicity.

Spend a few minutes each night reading a Halloween story, decorate pre-bought cookies, take a short drive to see the leaves changing colors, make hot chocolate and add mini marshmallows . . . 

There are SO many things you can do to create an autumn ambience in your home and create memories without spending money.

One of our favorite ways to engage with kids is to play Don't Eat Pete. It's super easy and will keep your kids entertained for a long time.  Play with them or let them play together and just be present.


Another favorite family activity is to Halloween "BOO" the neighbors. Bake or buy a food treat or share a fun, inexpensive Halloween decoration. Drop it at a friend's house anonymously and leave them a ghost "BOO" sign to hang in their window. The receiver then places the "BOO" sign in their window and goes to "BOO" someone else.

Kids love a good joke, and we have you covered there too with our silly Halloween jokes. Print the joke sheet and cut apart the jokes. Slip one joke into a child's lunch box or on their pillow at night.

Happy Fall and and enjoy the Halloween season with your little ones.





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